Puppy Choice Process

Once you have been qualified to adopt a Tilly Puppy and have placed a deposit, you will be contacted soon after the puppies are born. During the days following, you will decide if the "puppy going home" timing works for you. At this point you will send a second deposit. When the puppies are about five weeks old, you will receive an email with questions. This will help me to choose the best puppy for you. You will also have an opportunity to write all your preferences as far as looks and temperament etc. When the puppies are 6-7 weeks old I will evaluate them. In this evaluation I grade the puppy's tolerance to touch, sound and motion. By then I also know in general each puppy's energy level:)

If I have two litters born very close, you can request a puppy from a particular litter. But at times I find a more suitable puppy from the other litter, so I hope you can be open to any litter.