Simply Golden Retriever puppies

Simply Golden Retriever puppies

Simply Golden Retriever puppiesSimply Golden Retriever puppiesSimply Golden Retriever puppies

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Tilly Puppies

Golden Retriever Breeder

Our first golden is 15 years old this summer (2018). She stole our hearts and the rest is history. For the last 13 years I have diligently worked on making the Golden Retriever breed better. I am thankful to other breeders who have helped me along the way.

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

What I value in choosing the bloodlines is obviously that no known genetic diseases are carried over. I also value the puppies' temperament highly as well as confirmation. My goal is to breed healthy puppies that look good as well as are confident and even-tempered golden retriever puppies.

A Furever Friend

All puppies are cute and adorable yet each one of them comes with his or her unique qualities and temperaments. Therefore all puppies are temperament  evaluated for touch, sound and motion at the age of 7.5 weeks. This helps with the placement. Happy puppies make happy families!

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A 4 month old puppy

puppy training available

This 4 month old puppy knows her commands

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Our goal is to make you happy, and "create" beautiful, healthy, happy  puppies. I would love to answer any of your questions and learn more about your hopes for a golden addition. 

Simply Golden

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